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Client Gifts or Team Incentives

Your Logo Here - Build Brand Awareness with Sound Monkey Audio

Looking for a Client Gift or a Team Incentive?  Sound Monkey Audio has the gift for you!  Try our Gorilla Beats speaker.  

And what's best?  Everyone loves music!

What's more, we can customize an upgraded carabiner with your logo on it!

Your Logo Here - upgraded carabiner to go with our speakers

Our speakers are Bluetooth (CSR 4), Waterproof (IPX6), Dustproof 10 watt speakers.  What a way to make a statement!

And here is a benefit that sometimes goes unnoticed . . . our speaker is also a speakerphone!  Not only can your team enjoy their music wherever they go, but they can also use it for your team conference calls!

And do we need to remind you?  Everyone loves music!

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